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Surgical Hair Restoration for Women

Hair Restoration Surgical procedures at our two COVID-protected facilities in Akron and Cleveland are proceeding safely in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of our surgical patients has always been our first concern. We are following protocols and guidelines set out by governmental health authorities. We have adapted all our policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for patients, clients and employees.

Hair Transplants, or “surgical hair restoration” is a procedure now being preformed by doctors on women patients. Hair transplant techniques have been vastly improved in the past ten years, and no longer produced the ugly “row of corn” appearance that was the case in the old days of “hair plugs”.


Women seeking surgical hair restoration should be aware that their pattern – and cause – of hair loss may exclude them from this procedure. When it comes to surgical hair restoration, women require a different approach than do men. Why? Because female hair loss is quite different in that it can occur at any age and occurs in different patterns than in men. That’s if we can really call it “pattern baldness”. Hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse and the “patterns” of thinning hair are not uniform.

It must be noted that surgical hair restoration – transplants – do not create new hair. They simply move hair from the back of the scalp (the donor area) to the desired areas of the scalp where there is hair loss. The amount of hair on the scalp remains the same. It is just rearranged.


While men lose their hair on the top of their head leaving genetically proven hair on the side and back of their head, female pattern loss is indicated by an over all thinning of the scalp. So I you are thinning on top and in the temples beware. Once thinning begins in the temples it can continue around the back of the head. This means that some of the hair in the donor area has been pre-programed by nature to be lost in the future. If this is the case then some of the transplanted hair has already been destined to be lost. Transplanting this hair doesn’t change that. If the hair was going to be lost in the back in say 5 years then it will be lost in the front in 5 years.

In order for transplants to be successful, the patient must have enough hair in the donor area to cover the thin or the bald areas. If enough donor hair cannot be harvested, significant cosmetic coverage will not be achieved in thin or bald areas. Another consideration is future hair loss: since your natural hair continues to fall out, the question then becomes, will there be enough donor hair to eventually cover the balding areas without leaving the donor area denude of hair too?


With this in mind we have to be very careful to make sure that you can get the result you want, or we need to explore other options. The good news? Regardless of what hair loss condition you may be experiencing, we can restore your natural, youthful appearance. The first step is setting up a a free consultation and evaluation with one of our experts to ascertain why you’re losing your hair. Our skilled team can than determine an individualized treatment path you should follow for your own particular hair loss situation. Contact HairLine today.

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Take it from us, when you’re in business for 50 years, you learn a few things about how to do things right.  At HairLine Hair Loss Treatment Clinics, we understand the importance of maintaining our youthful and natural appearance. When men and women lose their hair, it can adversely affect many parts of their lives. We never lose sight of the fact that our job is to make our clients look so naturally good that it causes them to feel good.


This understanding inspires us to provide the most friendly, patient and compassionate service while offering individualized hair loss solutions to men and women based on their own unique hair loss condition. If you’re encountering any sort of hair loss situation, put your trust in our more-than-capable hands and experience up close and personal what 50 years of premium service, creativity, ingenuity and innovation looks – and feels – like.