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Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy for Women


Hair Loss Treatment procedures at our two COVID-protected facilities in Akron and Cleveland are proceeding safely in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of our hair loss clients has always been our first concern. We are following protocols and guidelines set out by governmental health authorities. We have adapted all our policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for patients, clients and employees.

Use your own blood platelets to stop hair loss.

Widely tested by medical doctors with promising results for treating injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle injuries, platelet-rich plasma is a way to use the patient’s own blood as a medical treatment.


Now, PRP is also being used to reverse hair loss in men and women.

PRP, platelet-rich plasma, stimulates hair growth: How it works.

Hair loss is a very common condition, most often due to genetics (androgenic alopecia). There are several methods that can address hair loss, including surgery.


But unlike surgical solutions such as hair implants, PRP is based from blood taken from the patient. The extracted blood is sent through a centrifuge that separates components, with the platelet-rich components re-injected into affected areas of the scalp. Growth factors in those platelets serve to repair the hair follicles present in the patient, promoting new growth and strengthening the hair that is still there.


The natural function of platelets found in human blood is to address injuries and accelerate healing. In PRP hair loss treatments, they stimulate inactive hair follicles to return to an active growth phase.


Different degrees of quality in PRP treatments.

Hair-loss treatment clinics offer different levels of quality in PRP, due in part to the type of centrifuge used in the treatment. Ideally, the concentration of platelets at a 6-10x level is considered optimal for treating hair loss; this is possible only with the use of higher-level technologies. Also, in some patients the presence of red or white blood cells may be called for while in others, for other applications, the treatment should have only platelet-rich plasma.

Step by step: How PRP therapy is completed.

Step 1: Blood is drawn, usually from the patient’s arm. Critically important: Only the patient’s own blood is used. This not only keeps the plasma within the genetic makeup of the patient, it averts any concerns about blood-borne pathogens that could come from a third party.


Step 2: The blood is treated in a centrifuge. This separates platelet-rich plasma from other components of blood.


Step 3: The PRP is injected in affected areas of the scalp. This is done using a special micro needle, applied to areas of the scalp that have been anesthetized. This is how highly-concentrated platelets reach the critical areas of the inactive follicles.


Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7: Repeat the process every two weeks.


Step 8: Assess the results. After about three months, the effectiveness of the treatment is assessed with a clinical evaluation, a hair-pull test, macroscopic photography, and self-reporting by the patient regarding their satisfaction.


Important to note:

  •      – The use of topical anesthesia and a fine micro insulin syringe for injections keeps discomfort to a minimum.
  •      – Treatments typically take about 60 minutes, varying slightly between patients and the extent of their condition.

How does it work?

Basically, this involves pairing the growth factors in PRP with stem cells that are concentrated in the hair follicles. The stem cell concentration is in the middle and the base of the follicles, which is why the injection method is important.

What’s in PRP are chemical messengers that act as growth factors. When applied in concentrations, they can overcome the effects of genetics – cessation of hair follicle growth – that cause hair loss.  

HairLine PRP adds an additional component, AnaGize, which further activates the growth centers of the hair follicles. The net effect is thicker, more robust hair – overriding the chemical messages driven by genetics that lead to hair loss in conjunction with aging.

Ongoing AnaGize + PRP Therapy

On a maintenance basis, patients are encouraged to use hair and scalp products to fight hair loss. This applies to both male and female patients. These products can be used with or without hair transplant or hair restoration surgery.

AnaGize has a proprietary blend of selected ingredients – nutrients and FDA-approved minoxidil in a topical lotion – that facilitate the healthy, normal function of hair follicles. This corrects for unhealthy scalp conditions, removes topical DHT (dihydrotestosterone, the sex hormone present in men and women but with greater concentration in men; it causes hair follicles to miniaturize).

The AnaGize collection of products, in combination with PRP treatments, addresses hair loss on multiple levels. Used together, they return the hair growth environment in your scalp to where follicles can be healthy and produce thicker, fuller hair.

Consult with a specialist

At the HairLine Clinic, the team uses a comprehensive approach to hair loss and hair restoration. PRP Hair Loss Therapy is what some patients choose after speaking with one of our specialists and a surgeon. Others might choose hair transplantation or hair replacement. All first consultations are no-obligation for the patient and designed to educate her on options, possible risks, and expectations.

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