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Free Wigs for Kids Program​

We partner with you to restore your child’s appearance, self-confidence and self-esteem at no charge to you.

The loss of our hair as adults can be difficult to accept considering the negative effects on our appearance and self esteem. Now consider how difficult these challenges are for children who lose their hair. Children can lose their hair from Cancer treatments, burns, alopecia and other terrible conditions.


HairLine Clinic’s Free Wigs for Kids program provides any child living in the Northeast Ohio region a prosthetic hair replacement system or wig AT NO CHARGE whatsoever. Simply contact us, explain your child’s situation and hair loss condition and we will quickly determine a plan of action. We are in your child’s corner. 


Your child’s health is in crisis. You as a parent are already dealing with a lot. Allow us to help lighten this load and solve this problem. We’re pleased to do it.


These are not store-bought wigs. These are hand tied, custom hair wigs/systems. That means the hair will appear to be growing right out of the scalp. They have provisions to attach to the scalp so your child can play and even swim in their replacement hair.


These hair prosthetics come in a raw state. We select the color to match your child’s original color or you can choose a new color.

After the wig is placed on the scalp we cut and style it to whatever style you like. Most prefer their original hair style so that no one knows they have replaced their hair. Some, however, may like to try something new like long or short hair for a change. We can do almost anything. This hair can be highlighted and colored by our trained technicians.


It usually only takes two to three days to get a wig for you. We are glad to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Service and Expertise since 1970

Take it from us, when you’re in business for 50 years, you learn a few things about how to do things right.  At HairLine Hair Loss Treatment Clinics, we understand the importance of maintaining our youthful and natural appearance. When men and women lose their hair, it can adversely affect many parts of their lives. We never lose sight of the fact that our job is to make our clients look so naturally good that it causes them to feel good.


This understanding inspires us to provide the most friendly, patient and compassionate service while offering individualized hair loss solutions to men and women based on their own unique hair loss condition. If you’re encountering any sort of hair loss situation, put your trust in our more-than-capable hands and experience up close and personal what 50 years of premium service, creativity, ingenuity and innovation looks – and feels – like.