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When compared to men with hair loss, it can often seem like there is no hope for recovery when females experience hair loss. But is there any hope for female hair loss?

The following guide will help you understand the primary causes of female hair loss, why it can be difficult to treat, and whether or not there is any hope for treatment in regards to female hair loss.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

There is no exact single cause behind female hair loss; there are countless reasons why women might begin losing their hair. The following are the most common causes behind female hair loss.

Genetic factors. Women can lose their hair due to a genetic predisposition. In some cases, they may have inherited the genes for androgenetic alopecia, or genetic female pattern hair loss.

Medical conditions
. There are numerous medical conditions which can cause some type of hair loss. These conditions can include: pregnancy, thyroid disorders, psoriasis, polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy, anemia, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Physical trauma
. Physical trauma or shock, such as surgery, a prolonged or intense illness, as well as significant weight loss in a short period of time can also cause hair loss.

. In some cases, improper hair styling or manipulation can cause hair loss. Using harsh chemicals or dyes on the hair, using high-heat tools such as flat irons, or even brushing the hair too much or aggressively can cause hair to fall out with greater volume.

Why is Female Hair Loss Difficult to Treat?

The primary reason why female hair loss is considered more difficult to treat than male hair loss is because there are so many causes for female hair loss that a generic treatment is effectively impossible to create. What works for someone with a genetic predisposition to hair loss may not work for someone who has lost hair due to a recent surgery or due to a thyroid condition.

Another significant reason why female hair loss is more difficult to treat is that many women feel too ashamed to seek treatment until the problem has worsened significantly. When women do not seek treatment or a health consultation as soon as they notice hair loss, this reduces the chances that the hair loss will be caught early; the earlier that hair loss is caught, the easier (in general) it may be to more effectively treat.

If you suspect that you are losing your hair, you need to have a professional consultation as soon as possible. A professional consultation will be able to help determine the rate of your hair loss as well as, hopefully, the cause of your hair loss. Once these two factors are determined, it will be much easier to help craft a treatment plan to help you regain your hair—and your confidence.


Is there Hope for Female Hair Loss?

So, to answer the question: “Is there hope for female hair loss?” Yes—but you’ll need to take the wheel and get a professional consultation to make sure that hope is fruitful.

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