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1. Wearing hats can cause hair loss.

FALSE. Feel free to wear any hat or cap you choose.


2. Shaving your head will make hair grow back thicker.

FALSE. Once your hair grows back to its normal length, it won’t be any thicker than it was before you shaved your head.


3. Shampooing your hair every day increases your hair loss.

FALSE. There may be a product that could cause damage to your hair shaft, but never to your hair follicles. Shampoo on.


4. Baldness comes from your mother’s side.

FALSE. Don’t blame mom. Baldness genes can come from both your mother and father.


5. Blow-drying your hair causes hair loss.

FALSE. Any damage that is done, is done to the hair shaft. Blow-drying has no influence on your hair follicles.


6. Brushing your hair will make it grow faster.
FALSE. This old wives’ tale has been around for centuries. Too much brushing, especially if the hair is wet, can cause breakage and split ends – period.


7. Hair oil massage can prevent hair loss.
FALSE. A hair oil massage may boost circulation, but poor circulation does not cause hair loss.

8. Indian gooseberry (Amla) keeps all your hair problems away. 

FALSE. It is never recommended to rely on a “magic” food to solve all your hair problems.


9. Fenugreek will help curtail hair loss.
FALSE. Although it is nutritious, its effect on hair loss has little scientific backing.


10. Onion Juice rubbed on your scalp has curative properties for hair loss.
FALSE. There is no scientific evidence that onion juice has any impact on hair restoration.


11. Aloe Vera will stimulate new skin growth and possibly hair growth.
FALSE. There is no certainty that it aids skin or hair growth.


12. Licorice prevents hair loss.
FALSE. The claim that by applying licorice to bald areas can stimulate hair growth has no factual basis.


13. Overexposure to the sun causes hair loss.
FALSE. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation will not interrupt hair follicle function.


14. Standing on your head makes your hair grow.
FALSE. This is a more commonly held myth than one would believe. Hair loss is not a blood flow problem.


15. There’s no cure for baldness.
FALSE. There is no “miracle cure”, but at Hairline Clinic we have many treatments as well as therapy procedures and hair transplants. Call us at 800-322-1237 to discuss your hair problem.