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Hairline Clinic for Hair Replacement
Hairloss Treatment for Women
For Women

Women, do you have thin hair or hairloss from a medical condition? We want to help! Find out how you can get that beautiful head of hair back.
Hairloss Treatment for Men
For Men

Men, is your hair thinning or is your hairline receding? Hairline Clinic has numerous surgical and non-surgical treatment options to help.
Hairloss Treatment Programs
Treatment Programs

There are a lot of misleading claims and even scams when it comes to hair growth. Don't get fooled and spend money on the treatments that don't work. Find out the best treatment for you!
Hairloss and Your Diet
Does Diet & Nutrition Effect Hairloss?

What you eat can have a significant impact on your hair and hairloss. Download our free report researched and written by Rob that will help you learn about the effect of diet on hairloss.
Surgical Hair Replacement
Surgical Treatment Programs

SURGICAL HAIR TRANSPLANT AND RESTORATION, like all other plastic surgeries, is an art. We realize that every patient is unique so we work with you to get the best treatment plan for your hair.
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
Hair Systems

A nonsurgical solution can be perfect for almost anyone experiencing hair loss. It may be the only alternative for some people such as someone that has extensive long term hair loss and doesn’t have enough donor hair to achieve an effective transplant.

Hairline Replacement and Transplant Clinic offers a variety of solutions for men, women and children experiencing hair loss. Our non-surgical techniques include custom wigs; topical treatments to stimulate hair growth; the encore hair augmentation; AMP + organic-based hair expanders for women; and our Free Wigs For Kids program provides wigs to any child living in Northeast Ohio at no charge. Our surgical solutions include the latest in hair transplant techniques, including Follicular Unit Extraction. Hairline Clinic is proud to be one of only two clinics in Ohio offering this service.

I have many years experience in the industry, and I look forward to helping you make the right decision about your treatment. I invite you to make an appointment for a consultation at one of our convenient locations in Akron and Independence. Call (800) 322-1237.

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